The Top-10 Business Analyst Job Requirements in 2015

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What do business analysts look for in a job? The Inter-View Report reveals sought after aspects in its top-10 business analyst job requirements 2015 results.

Business analysts are seeking jobs that allow them to actively advance their business analysis careers.

The 2015 Inter-View survey results demonstrate business analyst job requirements are focussed on personal growth, with the need to develop new skills, find career progression opportunities and perform challenging work taking the top-3 positions.

Q – Inter-View 2015 asked:

Excluding remuneration and location, what are the three most important business analyst job requirements that you look for in a job?

A – Business analysts job requirements are:

#10 – Maturity of organisational practices: 6%
#09 – Who your boss will be: 8%
#08 – Respected across the organisation: 15%
#07 – Company reputation: 22%
#06 – Training and development opportunities: 23%
#05 – Variety of work: 25%
#04 – Shape the future business: 35%
#03 – Develop new skills and knowledge: 52%
#02 – Career progression opportunities: 54%
#01 – Challenging work: 58%

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