Being Successful as a Business Analyst

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Vivienne Morrisby, Business Analyst Team Lead at Direct Axis, talks about being successful as a business analyst with Rafieqah Isaacs, in business analysis: the job, the role and the career.

What do you enjoy most about being a Business Analyst?

Delivering value, enabling change for the better, but best of all being able to make valuable proactive suggestions that the business had not necessarily thought of, but which create discussion and consideration.

What does “success” mean to you as a Business Analyst?

Happy customers ultimately. Delivering a solution that resolves the problem statement but packaged with good communication and handover.

What are the habits of a successful Business Analyst?

Communication, communication, communication.

Follow through, keeping to your word, reliability, seeing the bigger picture, challenging the business value, protecting the scope, meeting deadlines, relationship builder, clear and complete requirements.

Why did you become a BA?

It wasn’t a conscious choice but occurred as a progression within one company from Tester to Systems Analyst to Business Analyst.

What has been the most difficult period you have experienced in your career as a business analyst?

The onstant change in business priorities and indecisiveness results in extreme flux and volatility. As a result, delivery was severely constrained.

‘Successful Habits Of A Business Analyst with Vivienne Morrisby‘ was first published in the 2015 Inter-View Report. Talk more about the successful habits of a business analyst on Twitter with @VivMorrisby and @Raf_Sunshine.

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